A Little 7 Month Update

Wow! Where the hell has the past 7 months gone?! It’s the strangest feeling in the world. I feel like the past 7 months have flown by, but at the same time, I feel like Joel has been in our lives forever. So what has happened over the past 7 months?

Joel has come on so much over the past few months and I’m absolutely over the moon with how well he is developing. His personality is shining through more and more every day, which is very cheeky! I have a feeling we’re going to have our hands full.


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Joel has done amazingly well with the transition to food. We are doing a combination of puree and baby led weaning. We’re giving him the best of both worlds and he can work out which way he prefers. He’s preferring baby led weaning as he loves to feed himself and isn’t too keen on lumpy puree.

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I’ve been taking some inspiration from a few different sources, but my go-to ones are the Baby Led Kitchen app and the Annabel Karmel book. I’ll be doing a review post of the for both of them once Joel has his feeding established and I can start cooking some proper family meals for us. Can’t wait!

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The End of Our Breastfeeding Journey

My experience with breastfeeding didn’t have the best of starts as you may know if you’ve read my blog before. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. The impact it had on me mentally, I will never forget. I know this wasn’t helped by my shocking c section recovery, but I had my heart and mind set on breastfeeding Joel for 12 months and when the realisation hit that it wasn’t going to happen, it hit me hard.

So we combination fed until Joel was 6 months old. I didn’t know his last feed was going to be his last until that moment. He’d slowly started to lose interest in nursing. Probably because my boobs were starting to resemble prunes by this point as my milk supply kept getting smaller. I wouldn’t have found them very appetising either!

I know many mums feel sad that they don’t have that bond anymore and I totally understand that, but for me, I was quite glad. That might sound horrible to some mums, but I was happy to get my boobs back and proud to see Joel gain some independence. I love watching him learn new skills. I just look at him in awe sometimes and have a little cry to myself because I’m so proud of us all as a family.

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What’s Been Happening With Me?

At the moment I’m doing OK. Not amazing, but OK. I have days and nights when my PND creeps in, but nowhere near as bad as it was. I’ve stuck to my cleaning which has been a huge factor in keeping my mind in check. But I do have nights when I don’t sleep and some nights when I don’t go to bed until 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning. Why? I have no idea at all. Because it’s not because of Joel.

This dream of a baby has been sleeping through the night since about 4 weeks old. So what’s my problem? I think I need to make time for myself more and with the time I do have, be productive with it. At the moment, all my spare time normally goes on my blog, which isn’t much time recently!  Of an evening, I just want to put my feet up and watch TV, but in the back of my mind is all the things I need to do and I’m not doing. All the things I need to do tomorrow and wondering how the hell I’m going to fit it all in. If anyone has any ideas on how to plan my day productively and stick to it, let me know!

And obviously, you will know by now that my blog has had a revamp! Goodbye Baba & Me and hello The Geeky Mum. The change feels right. I want to start including other interests of mine in my blog, not just about being a mum. That’s only part of me. The best part yes, but not all of me.

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