ASKINSTA – 3 Things You Wish You Knew Before Giving Birth

We asked our Instagram followers – 3 things you wish you knew before giving birth.

My 3 things are:

1. I wasn’t going to use half the shit I packed in my hospital bag.
2. Listen to your body.
I started having intense contractions 30 minutes after being induced only to be told “It doesn’t happen that quickly, here have some paracetamol.” Nearly an hour later I pushed to be monitored as the pain was unbearable and very close together. She whipped the pessary out straight away and sent me straight to the labour ward. Little did I know, Joel’s heart rate had been dropping with every contraction. So ladies, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!
3. That having your first crap after giving birth is like experiencing labour all over again! 😐

Here’s what you said:

This is a great idea for a post!

1. Definitely as you said, you don’t need even half the things you pack in your bag!
2. That first night with your teeny tiny newborn is surreal. You can’t take your eyes off them, you don’t want to leave them to get some sleep yourself and you worry about every little noise they make – is that normal? Is this normal? Should they be doing that? It’s perfectly ok to ask questions. The midwives are on the ward to help you. I felt like I was being a pain, I didn’t want to pester them when they had jobs to do. But that is their job. To help the new Mummas adjust and make sure they and their babies are ok. They want to help. Ask away!
3. People you haven’t heard from or spoken to for years will want to be your friend again just to meet your baby before they slink back into the woodwork. YOU DON’T NEED TO LET THEM IN. You’ve just delivered an actual human being and no matter how you did it, you’re recovering. You sooooo have the right to say no visitors today thank you!

I wish I knew it wasn’t as bad as people make out I was terrified with my first because of the way people made out birth would be like that I’d be like the exorcist and even with a bad birth experience where with both did nearly died the whole experience wasn’t that bad. With my 2nd 3rd and 4th I actually loved my labour. 

1. Just how HOT hospitals are. 

2. How good tea and toast is.
3. I should have prepped some dinners instead of having a week of takeaways.

There was such a thing as Back Labor! It was the worst pain of my life, I had never even heard of it.

1.that your waters breaking means diddly squat… it took another 46 hours before little madam arrived.
2. A birth plan is useless! I was naively optimistic and wanted to be as ‘natural as possible’ needed up with everything I could get.
3. It’s ok to say no to visitors. I wish I did this more. After a traumatic birth and then in and out of hospital for 10 days after we were then bombarded by well wishers. I was exhausted and sore and in shock. I just wanted time to sit and gaze at my beautiful baby girl and everyone wanted to hold and prod her. I wish I had the confidence to ask them to come another time!

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