Chronic Pain – It’s not a Competition

I thought I’d become immune to dickhead statements from people comparing their disease to other peoples, but apparently not. That’s the exact reason I left a few Facebook groups that were supposed to be ‘support’ groups. Instead, they were filled with so many twats that would comment on somebody else’s post saying Crohn’s is worse than UC‘ or ‘My UC is worse than your UC‘. As if pain is some sort of competitive sport. Today I read a statement on an Instagram post that really hit a nerve and it made me quite angry.

“You’ve never known real pain until you’ve suffered from Endometriosis.”

There’s no doubt in my mind that Endometriosis is an incredibly painful and debilitating disease, but so are countless other chronic diseases. How dare you compare one person’s pain and suffering to another and suggest their disease or condition is not as bad as yours. How dare you say to somebody ‘you’ve never known real pain’ when you haven’t got a fucking clue what other people are suffering from every single day. I am extremely lucky to be in remission with my UC at the moment, but at my absolute worst I would never suggest my pain was worse than somebody else’s. All chronic illnesses are shit. Period. Every one of us with a chronic illness has at least one thing in common, wanting to be healthy (as healthy as can be anyway). We should all be supporting each other in any way we can, not undermining others with some bullshit, insensitive statement like that.

5 thoughts on “Chronic Pain – It’s not a Competition

  1. Great post! People are so unbelievably insensitive! Everyone deals with pain very differently too and what is fine for one could be crippling to someone else, it’s such a unique experience and being judgemental about it doesn’t help anyone! X

    1. Exactly! I was in the Crohn’s and Colitis UK group, but it was so bitchy, you needed a support group for being in it! 😂

  2. I have Endometriosis, and it is a pain unlike any other. By that I mean the “type” of pain, not the severity. There are days when my Fibro has Endo beat, hands down. Yet I am fully aware that, even on my worst day, there are people out there going through worse. The thing about pain is that it’s subjective. We only know how we feel, and it’s all to easy to forget that other people might happily change places with us – even on our worst day. I hope everyone has as pain free a day as possible.

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