My Breastfeeding Journey… I mean My Combination Feeding Journey.

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As World Breastfeeding Week comes to a close, I thought now was a good time to do a little post about my breastfeeding journey so far. A journey that didn’t turn out the way I had planned. During my pregnancy, I was very naive to think that breastfeeding would just happen naturally. I was absolutely adamant that I’d breastfeed Joel for 12 months. The reason I was so determined to breastfeed for 12 months was that I don’t want Joel to inherit my UC. I would never forgive myself if he ever has to go through what I’ve been through. There’s pretty solid evidence to show that when breastfed for 12 months, the risk of inheriting it would drastically reduce.


People around me, mostly mums themselves, would tell me “It’s ok if it doesn’t work for you though.” I would just brush off the advice and think to myself, “piss off I’ll do what I bloody well want!” Well, what a stupid naive little cow I was. Breastfeeding has been the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I salute any mum who exclusively breastfeeds! It just didn’t work out that way for us. I know now that that’s ok, but at the time when I decided to combination feed, I felt like the biggest failure on the planet. I remember sobbing my heart out on the shoulder of my midwife. I was absolutely broken to my core. As I was in agony after my c section, I just couldn’t feed on demand. That coupled with Joel not having a great latch, the decision was made to combination feed as he was quickly losing weight. I’m so thankful to have had a team of supportive community midwives helping me with no judgement.
After I accepted that this was the best thing to do for both of us, a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. I began to feel better mentally as well as physically as the days went by. Joel began to gain weight quite quickly and we were soon signed off by the midwife. I’m glad I decided to stick with breastfeeding as well as formula feeding. I’m doing the best I’m able to and I accept that now. Combination feeding is definitely something I would do again if that’s the best thing for me and any other babies I have in the future. I don’t see it as a negative thing. Maybe I did in the beginning, but that was down to me wanting to protect Joel from something he might not even be in danger of. Not because I have judgemental views about how a baby should be fed. I’m not one of those mums!

I haven’t really seen much online from people talking about combination feeding. I can say that after the initial disappointment (in myself) of having to bottle feed, combination feeding for us has been a positive journey and continues to be.

If breastfeeding isn’t working out for you the way you’d hoped, there’s nothing wrong with formula feeding, despite what some pushy bitches would have you believe. You decide what is best for your baby. Nobody else.

Throwback to tiny Joel and when I had massive milk jugs. (massive for me anyway!) Our breastfeeding journey hasn’t been easy by any means. We were combination feeding from very early on, a concept that didn’t even enter my mind when I was naive to think “I’m definitely breastfeeding him for 12 months.” Yeah, OK Elle 😐 I’ve still not had the courage to nurse Joel in public, but I don’t think people would appreciate me lying on the floor to feed him as that’s pretty much the only way he will now! 😂 . . . #babaandme #baby #mum #mummy #mummyblogger #momblogger #honestmotherhood #watchmegrow #worldbreastfeedingweek #throwbackthursday #manchesterblogger #mumtribe #teammum #ukblogger #mblogger #littlefierceones #clickinmoms #pixel_kids #momswithcameras #ThisIsParentingMFM #ChannelMumVillage #discoverunder10k

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  1. Well done you, everybody’s journey is different and you’re still passing on all the good stuff in your milk to Joel with combination feeding so hopefully he’ll be clear of UC. You’re doing an amazing job xx

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