Even though it was the 15th test I’d taken, I still didn’t quite believe it. No, I’m not made of money. I bought a big pack of cheap test strips for £5.99 when I had an inkling I was pregnant. (These are the tests I bought Amazon UK – CASSANOVUM Pregnancy Test)

They showed the faintest of lines to say positive, but it wasn’t dark enough for me to believe it. So I ordered a Clear Blue Digital test and eagerly awaited the delivery, which was the next day because we have Amazon Prime!

There’s 2 ways you can use the test: Either place the absorbent tip directly in your urine stream for five seconds, or dip the tip in a collected urine sample for 20 seconds. I opted for the second option, I didn’t trust my aim on an expensive test like this!
Once you’ve taken the test, it takes approximately 3 mins for the result to show up on the screen. Longest 3 minutes of my life! Staring at a little flashing sand timer.



The 1-2 weeks is the approximate time since conception, so it meant I was 4 weeks pregnant as it goes off the date of your last period. It confused me at first too.
It wasn’t long until Shaun was getting home from work, so I was trying to think of a way to tell him the scary and exciting news! Well, every senario I thought of went out the window because as soon as he came thtough the door, I just waved the test in his face with a big grin on my face. He still tells people today that I announced the news to him by wafted my piss in his face. I can assure you that the cap was on!

We agreed to get confirmation from the doctors before we announced the news to family, just in case it was a false positive. So I booked an appointment for the following week and did another urine test for the doctor.


My heart sank. The doctor said that going off her test I wasn’t pregnant. I told her the ridiculous amount of home tests I’d taken that all said positive, even the Clear Blue Digital! So, she ordered blood tests to confirm if I was or wasn’t pregnant. I had to wait a further 4 days to have the blood test done! I was absolutely gutted. I’d come to terms with being pregnant and we were so excited to start a family.

After I had the blood test done I had an agonising wait for nearly a week for my phone call with the outcome.

“Congratulations, your blood test has come back POSITIVE, so you are 6 weeks pregnant.”

First thing I thought to myself was “I told you!!!”, but thought, better not. Instead I just burst into tears with joy.


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