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After months of waiting to get my hands on my free baby box, it finally arrived in the post this week! Bearing in mind, I had to pay £6 for postage as the box was unavailable for nearly 3 months at my local health centres.


If you’ve not heard of the baby box yet, where have you been?! The famous Finnish design has taken the UK by storm as it’s renowned for cutting the rate of Sudden infant death syndrome (SID’s). Expectant mothers in Finland have been given these boxes for more than 80 years which is now often seen as a Finnish tradition. The baby box, which is essentially a cardboard box with a mattress, is supposed to be used as a cot for your newborn until approximately 6 months old. It’s also seen as a baby starter kit as it contains newborn necessities.


Before I share my thoughts on my baby box, I just wanted to talk on the Baby Box University and their website.
When I had my first midwife appointment, she gave me a voucher code for The Baby Box University. She said all I had to do was go to the website, input the code and I will be able to claim my free baby box from one of my local health centres. Boy oh boy was she wrong!
I found out I had to complete an online course on the website in order to claim the baby box and the only way I found this out was after completing it! It wasn’t stated on any part of the website about how to claim your free baby box. The navigation around the whole website was just awful too.
So anyway, I was happy I was one step closer to my baby box and all the goodies I’d heard so much about. I’d downloaded a certificate needed to use as proof of completing the course and was forwarded to a page to search for my nearest health centre to collect my box. To my disappointment,  not only were my local health centres out of stock, but every single one in the UK was showing as out of stock.


Fast forward nearly 3 months. I’d checked every week to see if there were any boxes in stock. NOPE! It was now also showing my nearest health centre as one in USA????
I ended up paying to have my box posted to me as it was either that or not get it at all.

Thankfully I’m happy to say that the website seems to be improving all the time. The navigation around the site is a lot better and it seems to flow nicely. Here’s a little look at what the site looks like today:

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Now onto the baby box!

I was so excited about getting this box. I’d heard so many good things about it! It had been making the rounds in the media, having rave reviews. The midwife had also told me about getting baby essentials in the box too such as clothing, nappies etc. I’d done a bit of research and had a look on some other hospital websites to see what I could expect. The Colchester Hospital website boasts their boxes contain a onesie, baby shampoo, wet wipes, nappies, lotion and Vroom baby brain boosting activity cards.

I’ll let you be your own judge about my baby box:


Mattress Cover
Muslin Cloth
A Sachet of Water Wipes
A £20 off Voucher for Beaming Baby
Lots of paperwork

Disappointed is an understatement. Not one nappy or item of clothing in sight. The water wipe sachet won’t even clean up one baby shit!

As for the £20 off voucher for nappies, the cheapest bundle of nappies is as below:

It would still cost you £23.90 for 80 biodegradable nappies and 6 packs of organic wipes.

You can get a 104 pack of Naty by Nature Babycare Newborn ECO Nappies for £16 and 10 packs of Jackson Reece Herbal Baby Wipes for £16 on Amazon, so you can get more for your money, without using this voucher. If you’re like me and would love to be able to use biodegradable and organic products, but can’t afford it, get your nappies and wipes from Aldi.

Conclusion….. I wish I’d saved my £6.

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