REVIEW – MAM 6 in 1 Steriliser and Bottle Warmer

I reviewed the MAM 2 in 1 Breast Pump a few months back and I absolutely loved it! So I couldn’t wait to get started using the 6 in 1 Electric Steriliser & Express Bottle Warmer after it was sent to me so I could share my thoughts on it.

First Look

What’s in the box?

1x Electric Steriliser
1x Express Warmer
2x 160ml Easy Start Anti Colic Bottle
2x Start 0-2M Soothers
1x Teat Tongs
(Only 1 electric base unit included and needed for Steriliser & Warmer)

6 Functions, 1 Unit

321ef74a-8969-4b9e-8a1a-d5a8300ef910._SL300__  You can use the steriliser on its own in the microwave if needed. It can also be used for cold water sterilisation which is very handy when you’re travelling anywhere!

4367fe5c-6a6b-4eb5-a47f-d9976b5e6ba5._SL300__  We use the electric steriliser the most. It takes 200ml of water into the base unit, then place the items into the rack provided. I put the bottles and lids on the bottom and the rest in the upper rack. It only takes about 10 minutes to sterilise and fully cool down and the items will remain sterile for 48 hours! Boom!

e72ff071-6ed5-4d9b-b636-8e1db318c57e._SL300__  The other function we use daily is the express bottle warmer. Just pour the recommended amount of water (dependant on the volume of milk in the bottle) into the base unit, then put the bottle into the warmer basket ensuring to remove the lid and teat. The bottle only takes 2:30 minutes to warm up.

06e16550-3907-45e7-8368-9ee8dd0d8b37._SL300__  This function is designed for gently warming breast milk as it heats it gradually over several minutes.

5ce2d8f7-590f-4093-8250-50c62ca7ef60._SL300__  This is great for anyone making their own baby food and freezing it! It takes only 10 minutes, 10 seconds to defrost. Just remember to remove any lids from the pot!

96364a73-1878-4a13-8fe1-bd6f16244cb4._SL300__   The automatic ‘keep warm function’ starts at the end of each heating function. It will give off small bursts of heat for 45 minutes to keep your baby’s milk/food at the perfect temperature for feeding, then automatically turn off after the 45 minutes have passed.

The Electric Steriliser

I can’t believe how easy this is to set up and use! I was initially a bit daunted after getting the contents out of the box, but I didn’t need to be at all. There are only 2 buttons on the base unit, the power button and the function button. Turn it on, press the cycle button until the function you want is lit up, then hold the function button until you hear a beep. That’s it! Easy peasy.

The Bottle Warmer

I wasn’t expecting to make any use of this due to using a Nuby bottle warmer in the past and not getting on with it. That kind of put me off bottle warmers. My Easy Start bottles would leak in the Nuby one when it heated up fully, the temperature of the bottle was hit and miss if it would be right, even though you put the exact same amount of water in it each time. However, I have been converted to using bottle warmers again after using this one. Once you find out the right amount of water to put in for the perfect bottle temperature, the MAM bottle warmer is bang on every time! It’s so quick and easy to use too.


This product is fantastic and I didn’t expect anything less with it being by MAM. This is a brand that I’ve used from day one and it’s a brand I trust the most. The steriliser and bottle warmer has made life so much easier for me. So easy to set up, easy to use and to clean. Just be sure to empty any excess water from the unit after using it! The fact that I have one product that does so many things ticks all my boxes. I don’t have to have multiple products cluttering my kitchen worktops, I just have one that even matches my kitchen with it being white and grey. I can’t ask for much more than that!

*Graphics from MAM UK

*Product gifted in exchange for an honest review.

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