Review – Merifor Travel Mattress

We were sent the Merifor Travel Mattress and asked for an honest review of it. We’ve been using it for a month and put it to the ultimate test (unintentionally).

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  • Made with superior nursery foam for long-lasting support/comfort
  • Sealed waterproof inner cover to protect the mattress core
  • Advanced 3d spacer fabric for improved breathability
  • Ellergenic® technology and Merifor allergy protection™ to reduce allergens in the sleeping environment
  • Removable outer cover with heat adaptive and anti-allergy properties for the ultimate protection
  • Outer cover washable at 60°
  • Awarded the Allergy UK Seal of Approval
  • Free 1 year guarantee

Fabric composition: outer cover 100% polyester, inner cover 61 % polyester & 39% polyurethane

Care Instructions: inner cover: wipe clean only, outer cover: machine wash at 60˚c


H: 6cm x W: 64cm x L: 93 cm


First Impressions

Instantly I could see that the mattress was quite thick compared to other ones I’d seen before. Honestly, some travel cot mattresses I’ve seen before are wafer thin. Not this one! The mattress came in a clear reusable plastic bag with a handle, so if you don’t always need the mattress out, you can easily store it in the bag it comes in to keep it clean ready for when it’s needed. Personally, we just have our travel cot set up in our living room permanently.

Putting the Merifor Travel Mattress to the Test

As you can see below, Joel sleeps very easily on the Merifor mattress. You wouldn’t think I used to have problems with him going for a nap would you?! The mattress foam is firm which is what makes it so comfortable for him.

So that ultimate test I was talking about earlier, was the poonami test! Yes, Joel decided to leave me a present to clean up after his nap the other day. A present that required me to put him straight in the bath! So after I’d dealt with Joel I had to deal with the mess he’d left behind and I’m very pleased to say the mattress cover washed extremely well and it was back to bright white after one wash at 60°c. It also dries really fast! The mattress has a waterproof inner cover that’s wipe-clean, so whilst you’re washing the outer cover, you can still use the mattress if you need to.



Final Thoughts?

I’m very impressed with the Merifor travel mattress. If your baby uses a travel cot regularly, I’d definitely recommend this mattress. It’s quite obvious to see that this product it’s made to last when you look and feel the quality of it. I’ve seen my fair share of cot mattresses and quite frankly the majority of them have a cheap price tag because they are cheaply made and don’t have the features of Merifor mattresses. The Merifor travel mattress is currently around £70 and after having this mattress for a month and putting it through its paces, I can tell you it’s worth every penny.

The perfect sleep combination. Merifor mattress and Joel’s MyHummy ‘Leon’
*Product gifted in exchange for an honest review.

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