Review – MyHummy ‘Leon’

We don’t have issues with Joel sleeping through the night, but the lad refuses to go down for his naps a lot of the time. Especially when it’s not me who’s looking after him. Even though his eyelids are nearly shut, he’ll fight it and shout the place down. The lovely team at myHummy wanted to send us ‘Leon‘ to see if he can work his magic, so I couldn’t refuse!




What’s in the Box

myHummy Bear ‘Leon’Humming Heart (basic or Bluetooth enabled)
Attachment ring/teether
Travel pouch
Instruction manual

Sleep sensor
12 hour non-stop system
myHummy App *Bluetooth humming heart only*

Leon Height

36cm / 14in

MyHummy emits white noise which is loved by babies. It reminds them of the sounds they heard in their mum’s tummy and masks other sounds that may disturb sleep. It has a soothing effect, leading to a longer and more restful sleep.

myHummy ‘Leon’

We were sent the Bluetooth version of Leon so the first thing I noticed was the sticker saying “This myHummy connects to the myHummy App”. I love technology so I’m happy I can control Leon from my phone! He’s bigger than I expected at 36cm tall. More to love.
Leon comes with a teething ring attached to a little pouch for the humming heart, which couldn’t have come at a better time for us as Joel has become a teething dribble monster!  The teething ring can also be used to attach Leon/humming heart to a cot or buggy. All myHummy bears are machine washable after removing the humming heart and it’s also made using certified materials suitable from birth.



The myHummy App

I actually downloaded the app before I’d even opened the box to have a little mooch and see what was what. The app itself runs smoothly and it’s easy to navigate. It’s pretty self-explanatory as everything is labeled with pictures. Here’s a little tutorial for the Android app that shows all the features for the Bluetooth humming hearts and also shows the cool little camera feature:


IMG_20190116_181655-768x1024    IMG_20190116_181634-768x1024


Beautifully designed, excellent quality and we’ve found it serves it’s purpose very well. Leon comforts Joel enough so he can have a decent nap during the day. We haven’t needed him at bedtime yet with him being a good sleeper at night, but I’m sure the time will come when Joel begins fighting bedtime and Leon will have a new mission. Leon isn’t just a sleeping aid for Joel now. He plays with Leon all the time! He giggles his little head off playing peekaboo with him, he likes to hug him randomly as he watches cartoons, but most importantly, Leon is the perfect sleep buddy to allow Joel to have a good long nap and allow me a nice hot brew and some Netflix. Winner.



*Product gifted in exchange for an honest review.

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