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As some of you may know, I had a very hard time with breastfeeding in the beginning with Joel caused by pain from my c-section. In the hospital, Joel was latching perfectly and feeding really well. However, I was on morphine and able to hold him correctly there. When I returned home however, the pain killers I’d been discharged from the hospital with just weren’t cutting it and I was really struggling with the pain. On his first night home, we had to make the decision to bottle feed him formula after many hours of not being able to get him to latch. I was heart broken, but he had to eat something.

Due to the issues with our latch, my milk supply took a massive hit. I continued to breastfeed alongside bottle feeding and as my pain started to get better every day, we slowly got back on track with Joel’s latch. My milk supply wasn’t increasing as fast obviously as we were combination feeding. My breastfeeding support group suggested I buy some fenugreek capsules. Fenugreek is an annual plant that is commonly used as a spice in indian curries and is widely used by breastfeeding mums to help increase their milk supply. At £11.99 (Holland & Barratt) for 100 capsules (3 capsules, 3 times a day to actually make a difference according to research I’ve done online), I got one bottle and personally I wouldn’t buy it again. The capsules are absolutely huge, smell/taste disgusting, are horrible to swallow and may too expensive for my liking!

nipper-1-300x215  Enter the lovely Marina from Nipper&Co.
She sent me some ‘Organic Mum’s Milk‘ from their range of herbal teas for me to try out and see if it worked for me.


What you get:

“16 whole leaf pyramids of naturally caffeine free blend specially crafted for breastfeeding mums.

This is a powerful 100% organic aniseed, fennel and fenugreek herbal infusion traditionally used to support lactation in breastfeeding mums. Offer mother nature a gentle helping hand, from those first moments of nursing, with this great tasting blend.

Fennel, Caraway and Goat’s Rue support lactating at breastfeeding women. Thyme, Aniseed, Fennel and Caraway help milk flow and regulate hormonal production. Fenugreek supports immune defences.”

There were 3 things I was looking for when trying this tea:

Does it taste nice?
Is the price right?
Will it increase my milk supply?


I was a bit worried about having a tea infused with fenugreek. Surely it would taste just a disgusting as the capsules? How wrong I was. I can’t even taste fenugreek. Instead the blend of fennel and aniseed overpowers the curry taste completely for me and it is absolutely divine!


For £6.49 you get 16 tea bags. Now, I know a lot of people would think this is a lot of money for 16 tea bags, but these aren’t just your regular ol’ run of the mill tea bags. These tea bags are specifically for breastfeeding mums to ‘help milk flow and regulate hormonal production’. It works out to be a fraction of the price when comparing it to a bottle of fenugreek capsules from Holland & Barratt which would last you about 11 days for £11.99. I was able to get 3 brews out of 1 bag. So that’s 16 days for £6.49 for a more enjoyable experience of a lovely herbal cuppa, with more ingredients (Fennel, Caraway and Goat’s Rue) to help milk flow.

Milk Supply

I’ve been drinking this tea everyday for a couple of weeks now. Before that, I was only able to express 5-10ml from both breasts per 30 minutes pumping session. Yep, that’s how bad it got! I can tell you with great certainty that this tea has impacted my supply greatly! I’m expressing 90ml now so far, but it’s getting better every day and I’m confident I will be able to pump more. Also, I’m leaking again! Now, for most women, that might not sound like a good thing. For me, it actually made me cry tears of joy when Joel cried and I sprayed milk everywhere after fearing I was drying up!

Conclusion – I’m made up I’ve managed to up my milk supply, actually enjoy it and it doesn’t cost much to do it. I’m so glad they’ve got a good range of other teas for me to try!

Organic Mum’s Milk – For Nursing Mamas


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