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Penwizard create beautiful personalised children’s books. My niece Alana is a big fan of the Nickelodeon TV show Shimmer and Shine, so this Shimmer and Shine Personalised Book is a perfect gift for her!

Boom, zahramay! Shimmer and Shine, friendship divine!
Your child gets the best birthday gift ever when Shimmer and Shine surprise him/her with three wishes of their own!
But when wishes don’t go quite as planned, your child has to help the genies fix their mistakes and save the day! –

Easy Peasy Ordering

The ordering process is super easy. The website is fast, smooth and simple to navigate. It was actually really fun to create! You get to personalise your child’s character that will appear in the book alongside the Shimmer and Shine characters. You choose features like hairstyle/colour, eye colour, skin colour, and clothes. There is a preview of your custom character as you are creating it to make sure it is just right.


Shimmer and Shine – The Genies Meet Alana

IMG_3287  IMG_3293-1024x683   IMG_3296-1024x683

First Impressions

When I gave the book to Alana, she looked at the cover and instantly said, “That’s me!” Her sister Georgia said, “How did you get Alana in that book?!” “Magic!” I replied.
They were both beaming with excitement!

IMG_3295-1024x683  Conclusion

It’s a fab kids book! To see the joy it brings to my nieces is priceless! It’s a great story, the look of the book itself is very engaging. Bold colours, gorgeous illustrations and best of all it opens up the imagination of the child sidekick to Shimmer and Shine.

“The girls love this book! It’s managed to simmer them down for bed and brought them together and not in a scrappy way. Georgia reads bits as Alana follows her, tracing the words with her finger. When she spots her name, she goes nuts! Really engaging.”
Lara – Alana & Georgia’s Mum

IMG-20180906-WA0000-02-769x1024  IMG-20180906-WA0008-01-01-768x1024


If you’d like to order a Shimmer and Shine book for your child, use the code Shimmer10 at the checkout for 10% off!


*Product gifted in exchange for an honest review.

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