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Well, I didn’t think I would find a product that would top the Baby Einstein Activity Jumper for keeping Joel entertained and giving me chance to have a hot brew in peace, but I definitely have with the Skip Hop Activity Centre – Silver Lining Cloud.

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*Information from Amazon.

  • 4+ months
  • Three stages of use: sit, swivel, bounce & play; cruise & interact
  • 25+ developmental activities
  • Discovery window lets baby see piano and their feet while playing to learn cause and effect through spacial awareness
  • Converts to a play table with smooth plastic chalkboard surface
  • Foot support platform adjusts to the perfect height
  • Legs detach for easy storage
  • Phthalate-free
  • 360-degree rotating seat

The Toys

There’s a variety of toys that keep Joel entertained and help with his development; sun bead mover with spinner, peekaboo clouds that pop up and squeak, wobble lamb rattle and swaying stars the move back and forth then spring back. It also comes with a handy little snack bowl, although Joel seems to think it’s a toy and just pulls it off. I think I’ll use that on his highchair! The toys are all movable and just clip onto the side, very good for changing the arrangement of the toys to suit your baby.

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The Window to Discovery

My favourite feature of this product is the little discovery window that gives baby a clear view of their feet as they play the light-up musical piano that teaches them the relationship between cause and effect. Well played Skip Hop, well played. The light-up piano has 3 different modes: piano mode, song mode and motion sensor mode.

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You Spin Me Right Round

Another thing I’m impressed with is the 360-degree rotating seat. The design of it allows Joel to easily turn himself around with no effort at all, unlike his Baby Einstein which he could turn around in, but with difficulty. He’d sometimes end up just giving up and crying. In this though, he turns around with ease, keeping him very happy. The seat itself is a bit stretchy so it allows a little bouncing and also has toy loops at the front to attach other toys.


Designed to grow with baby in three stages, Skip Hop’s Silver Lining Cloud Baby’s View Activity Centre is an action-packed take on our best-selling gym. Feauturing the same developmental approach to play and learning as our Explore & More™ version, the décor-friendly design features a 360-degree rotating seat that turns and stretches for bouncing. Our unique Discovery Window gives little ones a clear view of their feet as they play the light-up piano to connect cause and effect. Four dreamy toys can be rearranged for customized play. As baby grows, the activity centre converts for easy cruising. At stage three, it transforms into a sturdy toddler table with a plastic chalkboard surface for drawing, playing—the sky’s the limit!

Is it Good Value?

In a word, yes. It has an RRP of £135 which is pricy, however, this is a good investment. As it converts into a chalk table when the swivel seat is no longer needed, this one product is going to last you for years and years.

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We’ve used Skip Hop products before after I first saw the brand back in May this year at The Baby Show. Every product I’ve seen is amazing quality and built to last! Whenever I’m asked for recommendations for certain products, Skip Hop is a brand that I always shout about. This Activity Centre is no different. It’s beautifully made, sturdy, entertaining, helps development and this might not be important to you, but it looks nice in the house! The size is perfect, it’s not absolutely huge like other similar products on the market. Our Baby Einstein Bouncer is great, yes, but it looks like an absolute monstrosity and takes up half the living room. The Skip Hop Activity Centre looks gorgeous, the size is perfect and Joel loves it! In fact, he cries when he gets taken out of it a lot of the time. So I no longer have Baby ‘Dr Octopus’ Einstein taking up my living room, it’s been replaced by this beauty.

*Product gifted in exchange for an honest review.

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