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I get asked quite regularly for changing bag recommendations and I’ve told a lot of people that shoulder changing bags aren’t for me at all. Several weeks ago, we were sent the Skip Hop Forma Changing Backpack to take it for a spin and see what we thought of it. I was keen to review this bag as it’s the first backpack changing bag we’ll have used. I’m also a massive fan of Skip Hop! After using it for a while now, here’s our experience of using it and what it has to offer.

What’s Included

1 x Forma Backpack
1 x Mesh cube
1 x Insulated Cube
1 x Changing pad


40.6cm x 20.3cm x 35.6 cm


First Impressions

The first thing I did after admiring the look and quilted style of the bag, was open it up to have a look inside. It’s like a Tardis! The bag is a good size, it doesn’t look overly big to wear, but inside it’s very roomy! The opening has a dual zip too which I’m happy about because I can open and close the bag with ease when I’ve only got one hand free, which is a lot of the time! On the inside, it’s lined with a gorgeous lime green fabric contrasting the grey outer material.


If you like to be organised, you are going to LOVE this changing bag. I’ve been used to using a shoulder changing bag previously which was big, but didn’t actually have much room to organise and fit everything in, so I was pleased to see that the inside of the Skip Hop Forma Backpack is very spacious. Another plus for me is the number of pockets and compartments this has to offer that are easily accessible. I’ve even been able to use this bag for carrying my laptop when I’ve needed to use it out and about. There’s two elasticated pockets on the inside which I put nappy changing bits in. So even when I’ve got the bag full to the brim, I can easily access what I need in the event of a nappy explosion because the elastic keeps everything in place.

IMG_6345-683x1024               IMG_6344-683x1024

The bag feels very durable yet lightweight. It’s easy to clean as it’s washable, but I’ve not needed to wash ours yet. The bag is made with water-resistant polyester, so any small marks easily wipe clean. The changing pad that comes with the bag is a decent size. Not the biggest I’ve seen that comes with a changing bag, but big enough.

IMG_6351-300x200   IMG_6341-1024x683   IMG_6346-300x200

There are two zip pockets on the front of the bag, with the larger one containing the two storage cubes which are included with the bag. One is mesh fronted which I use for snacks and the other is insulated for bottles/food.

IMG_6363-1024x683       IMG_6358-1024x683

Out and About

We’ve been putting the Skip Hop Forma Backpack to the test on our walks and I can’t tell you how much I love using this bag! It’s really comfortable to wear, it looks stylish and this colour matches our buggy perfectly too! My favourite feature of the bag is the strap clips to hang the bag on the back of a pram/buggy because the bag sits just right. The clips are strong and easy to unclip.




Anything I Would Change?

I love almost everything about this changing bag, however, I’d have liked the straps to be a bit thicker and more padded. I sometimes have to carry quite a lot, which the bag is durable enough for, but I think it would’ve benefited from having thicker straps. That said, this is an amazing changing bag and definitely something I’d recommend. I even think I’ll use this bag for myself after using it as a changing bag.



*Product gifted in exchange for an honest review.

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2 thoughts on “Review – Skip Hop Forma Changing Backpack

  1. Love this review! Now that Sophia is walking I’m finding a shoulder bag a massive pain! It used to live on the pram so didn’t bother me but without the pram I have to carry it and it’s not practical! I’ve been looking for a backpack and this one looks brilliant! Is it expensive?

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