REVIEW – Stars and Snuggles Apron Baby Bath Towel

I’ve got plenty of experience when it comes to baby bath time now, which means I’ve tried many different bath towels for Joel. My favourite design is by far the ones in the style of an apron because I get less wet! When I got the opportunity to review the Stars and Snuggles apron baby bath towel, I jumped at the chance!


When my towel arrived it was packaged really nicely in a little bundle, using a beautiful ribbon with the brand name printed on it. A lovely touch which I really appreciate. It wasn’t just folded and stuffed in a bag like a lot of things you order online. It shows me this brand takes great pride in their products.



  • Its apron neck piece makes bath time easier and drier for mum/dad!
  • It has clever hand pockets for mum/dad so you can lift your wet and slippery little wriggler out of the bath safely.
  • It’s thick and fast drying as it’s made using two layers of natural bamboo fabric, which also gives it antibacterial properties and super soft!
  • The extra large square design is bigger than any other similar towel on the market today.

The Stars and Snuggles Apron Baby Bath Towel is designed for hands-free, stress-free bath times. The apron style neckpiece means your hands are free to lift your baby safely out of the bath without having to juggle a standard bath towel under your chin or face getting wet through yourself. It is larger than anything similar in the marketplace measuring a meter squared so will last long beyond the newborn stage making it great value for money. Unlike many towelling fabrics, our Bamboo Terry Towelling is soft to the touch and has a beautiful velvety texture and sheen to it. www.starsandsnuggles.co.uk

Does it work for us?

This product works so well for us! It’s so absorbent that Joel is dry pretty much straight away after wrapping him in it. I own 5 bath towels for Joel (I have so many as most of them given to me by friends/family as gifts when Joel was born) however, I now only use this one because it makes bath time so much easier and makes ending bath time not so bad for Joel, who would normally scream his head off. Now I know the reason he wasn’t happy about getting out of the bath. It’s because he wasn’t completely covered up when using the other towels. They just weren’t big enough and all of my other towels are a rectangle shape, not very practical for wrapping up a slippery little baby. The Stars & Snuggles towel however, is huge and the square design is better for wrapping him up! I can cover him completely so he doesn’t get cold.
Another plus for me, is that it washes really well. Sometimes with things like towels, the fabric can become rather rough after a few washes unless you add fabric softener. Obviously, I don’t use that with Joel’s things as I don’t want to irritate his skin. This towel hasn’t lost its softness and it’s been washed a lot!

Size/shape comparison of the Stars & Snuggles apron towel vs Cuddle Dry apron towel

Is it good value?

The price of this apron towel is £23 which I think is excellent value when you take into consideration; the practical square design, the extra large size making it suitable for a longer time as baby gets bigger, it’s made from super soft natural bamboo fibre and that it is British made so you know it’s good quality and made with love!

Is there anything I’d change?

I would not change a thing about this product. When I do reviews, I normally find something I would change or a little thing I don’t like about it, but this is the first product I’ve reviewed that I love everything about it!

All in all, I love this product and would recommend it to any parent or parent to be!




*All opinions are my own honest views about the product. Please see disclaimers for full details regarding reviews.

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