Review – The Baby Show 2018

Who knew there was a convention for babies?! In fact, there are actually quite a lot of them. I was lucky enough to be given press access to The Baby Show at the NEC in Birmingham after running a ticket competition on my Instagram for some lucky followers of mine.
If you’ve never heard of The Baby Show (I hadn’t before having Joel) it’s a huge event dedicated to babies! They have a mass of market stalls with everything you need for your new arrival and more at a special low price. It’s not just for shopping though, there were tons of guest speakers from celebrities to experts in everything baby related!


Display in the press office


This time around, I wasn’t personally interested in the guest speakers (definitely next time though because I think I missed out). I was only going on the Sunday and I wanted to see all of the products on offer for me to review. (I’ll be doing individual posts for these). When we arrived at the show, we were greeted by the press team who showed us all of the press releases for all of the new products being launched at the show. We also got given a goody bag with some little freebies from a few of the brands, just little things like Water Wipes, keyring, stickers, ‘baby on board sign’, comfort blanket etc. In hindsight, I wish I’d have bought the goody bag that Made For Mums were selling for £5, looked like it had some decent stuff in there. Noted for next time.


Anyway, we then headed straight to the market stalls looking at all of the lovely things on offer. Every baby brand you can think of was there. At the very front of the hall was all of the bigger, well-known brands like MAM, Tommee Tippee, Nuby, Joie etc. There was a ton of stalls selling cots/furniture, a separate area with prams and they even had a test track to try out all of the prams on different terrains. They had quite a good variety of food stalls and plenty of places to sit and eat, although the food was on the expensive side. This is to be expected at an event like this really so we were prepared.

Aldi’s baby brand Mamia had a massive changing area where they were handing out full packs of nappies and baby wipes completely free! If we had room in the car, I’d have grabbed a few, but we could only get one. Alternatively, you could have queued up at the Lupilu Lidl stall for ages to get a free ‘goody bag’, which consisted of one nappy. That’s right, one. Not one pack of nappies, one actual nappy. Aldi knows they have an exceptional baby range. Excellent products at an even better price. That’s why they can afford to hand out a ton of stuff for free because it will more than likely pay off by drawing in customers to their stores. Aldi also had a feeding area where they were handing out baby food for free. Got to love Aldi!

We stopped by the British Red Cross area where they were holding a 20 minute workshop for baby first aid which I found invaluable. They offer a full 4 hour course from £45 which they were offering £5 off for with a voucher.

Now on to the products that I fell in love with.

Gummee Glove with a detachable teething ring


Joel was given a Gummee Glove to try out. I was already familiar with the Gummee brand from Instagram and Joel was given his first teething toy by them, the Gummee Mitts (suitable for 0-3 months). These didn’t last him very long however as his little chunky wrists outgrew them pretty quickly. So we were kindly given the Gummee Glove and I’ll be doing a separate review on it, but I can safely say he loves it already.



The next brand I hadn’t heard of, Stuck On You. They create personalised products including bags and lunch boxes. The lovely Stall Manager Binny wanted to send me a product called the Bento Box. It’s a personalised lunchbox which has separate compartments inside. We went on the website there and then to design it to my liking by selecting the colour, illustration and font style. I can’t wait for it to arrive as it looked so cute when we designed it. Obviously, I’ll have to wait until Joel is on solids to do a full review, or I might just use it myself and review it early!

LRM_EXPORT_20180529_092815-1024x683     20180420130338_IMG_0254-1024x683      20180420130304_IMG_0252-4-1024x683
The Stuck On You Range




A product I was super impressed by was the Poorly Boo Box. It’s basically a box full of medicine that’s essential to have on hand for babies. It contains a digital thermometer, paracetemol, ibuprofen, infacol, olbas for children, saline solution, nasal aspirator, vapour rub, teething gel,teething granule, sudocrem, metanium and a syringe.








The last product I found was another teether by Cloud & Cuckoo. They are a brand that is very passionate about the environment, which I love as not many brands are. The teether itself is biodegradable and PVC/BPA free and they had an offer on at the show, when you bought a teether with the minimal eco-friendly packaging, you got a canvas bag for the teether free. Again, a full review to follow once Joel gets his chops around it!











I have to say, I absolutely loved the whole day. I would definitely recommend finding out the talk schedules beforehand if possible so you can plan your day. Everyone was so lovely (bar one stall holder who clearly didn’t like me for some odd reason) and I felt like I’d experienced the same kindness and love from the online baby community, there in the flesh. I for one cannot wait to go to my next Baby Show.

Did you go to The Baby Show 2018? What was your favourite part?





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