Where to Find Maternity Clothes… Online Apparently.

I’ve really struggled finding nice maternity clothes as everywhere seems to only have their maternity range online, not in-store for you to try on. Is it just me or do you find this really stupid? More than ever women want to try on clothes when they have a few extra lumps and bumps to know if it suits them or not and it’s just not possible to do that when shopping online.

The only high street store I found to have an in-store range is H&M and I have to say it’s a very nice range. There’s everything you’d need from nursing bras to dresses and all for very affordable prices. I also went to the other top women’s wear stores like New Look, Top Shop, Next, TK Maxx, Primark etc and couldn’t find any maternity clothes for the life of me. When I asked the store assistants, every single store said “We only have our maternity range online”.


From what I’ve researched, maternity fashion is a big market. Lets face it, there’s always going to be pregnant ladies needing these products, so why limit us to only being able to buy online?

I was lucky enough to find a couple of dresses on the Next website that I was happy with, but also unlucky with one from boohoo and one from Littlewoods (Rochelle Humes maternity range) that just looked absolutely awful on me.

This is one of the Next dresses I ordered online.

   dsc01201    dsc01192

I will add the only reason I bought this online was because it was on sale from £38 down to £9. Now, if I saw this dress in store and tried it on, I’d have paid full price for it. Absolutely no doubt in my mind because I love this dress so much! It’s comfortable, nice fitting, beautiful design and makes me feel good wearing it. I personally wouldn’t have paid full price with just seeing it online. It’s too much money for me for something that potentially isn’t going to look good on me. This dress is sadly sold out now, not surprising.

   dsc01224    dsc01226

Below is the dress I ordered from boohoo.

boohoo Red Maternity Dress

I’m not going to show you what it looked like on me because well, nobody wants to see that! What I didn’t notice when looking at the stock photo was the bottom of the dress is way too tight. That fabric doesn’t stretch…. at all! So there’s no chance in hell I would have been able to walk (or waddle) in that dress. It’s a very impractical design for a pregnant lady.

I’ve bought quite a few things from the H&M MAMA range so far. Here’s a few of them:

Floral Jersey Dress – £19.99


2-pack tops – £12.99

2-pack tights 40 denier – £8.99
So what I’d really like is for all the other high street stores to follow H&M by stocking maternity wear in their stores.

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